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Analytical Balance are designed for great precision in quantitative chemical analysis. They yield readability to four decimal places to the right of the decimal point (up to .0001 g). They are extremely sensitive and, since air currents can affect their measurement, must be covered by a draft shield. They are used for samples up to about 320 g. Top-loading balances, which can measure objects up to 200 g, are less expensive but less exacting than analytical balances. They are considered semi-analytical balances, with a readability of up to three decimal places to the right of the decimal point (up to .001 g). Precision balances have a readability of 0.01 g. They produce steady readings in a wider range of environmental conditions than analytical balances, being less sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

The environment of the lab, operating temperature, humidity, vibration, and ventilation currents can all affect performance. Consequently, it’s important to keep the balance inside an enclosed space, keep it clean, make sure it is leveled correctly, and make sure it is regularly maintained and serviced. There are also personnel considerations that need to be monitored, such as who will operate and maintain the device and the type of training they have received. Finally, as with any other piece of equipment, it is best to always follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions, calibration frequency, and maintenance recommendations.

We are one of the proficient manufacturers of wide variety of Analytical Balance that are known for giving accurate results. Our qualitative range encompasses semi micro balance, professional level balance, educational balances, standard level balances and many more. Use these balances when you need high degree of precision. These accounting balances are precisely constructed using industry grade material and give fast read outs in less time.

# Model Capacity Least Count Platform Size Platform Type No. Of Display Display Type
1 01MAN100L 100 gm 1 mg 80 mm DIA SS Single LED
2 02MAN200L 200 gm 1 mg 80 mm DIA SS Single LED
3 03MAN300L 300 gm 1 mg 80 mm DIA SS Single LED
4 03MAN30L 300 gm 10 mg 100 mm DIA SS Single LED
5 06MAN60L 600 gm 10 mg 100 mm DIA SS Single LED
6 01MAN100L 1000 gm 10 mg 100 mm DIA SS Single LED
7 02MAN200L 2000 gm 10 mg 100 mm DIA SS Single LED

Features Of Analytical Balance MAN Series :-

  • High Precision Electro Magnetic Force Compensation (EMFC) technology.
  • Standard bi-directional RS 232 C interface for Printer / Computer connectivity.
  • Easy operation with membrance keypad and tactile switches with beep sound for feed    back.
  • Gram & Carat Weighing units.
  • 15mm bright LED display for easy readability.
  • Multiple functions like Piece counting,Percentage,GSM,Storage & Totalizing of Weighments.
  • Standby mode to ensure lower consumption of power.
  • 100% Taring Range.

Optionals :-

  • Battery backup unit for approx 10 hours continuous operation during power failure.
  • Parallel display for customer viewing.
  • Breeze shield.
  • Density determination kit for solids.